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Technology has deprived a lot of kids of the kind of fun that only physical play gives. Instead of building pretend forts, dressing up as doctors, or imagining themselves as medieval knights, they sit in front of the computer or use the tablet for hours on end. If you want your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren to become more active and experience the joy of pretend play, then you can subscribe to My Pretend Place, a company that will ship kiddie costumes right at your doorstep.

Why is Pretend Play Important?

Playing pretend or role playing is beneficial for our kids' development. It not only boosts their imagination and creativity, it also helps in the development of their language skills. Moreover, they learn to solve problems by trying to figure things out on their own (e.g., how to support a makeshift wall, what to use as pretend food, how much their "merchandise" should cost, and so on).

Apart from that, they get to experiment on social roles, learning to "walk a mile someone else's shoes," so to speak. Through pretend play, they develop emotional skills – learning empathy as well as healthy give-and-take relationships. When playing with other kids, they experience cooperation, negotiation, and getting along with others. It teaches them self-regulation and civility.

Moreover, we can observe how our kids view the people and the world around them. For instance, the way they act when they pretend to be Teacher or Dad can give us clues on how they think about their grownups. In other words, make-believe games allow our children to express their thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative.

Benefits of My Pretend Place

My Pretend Place encourages role playing and make-believe activities. They offer themed boxes for kids 3 to 6 years old, each one containing a dress-up costume, an inspirational book, and craft or creativity items. The available themes are astronaut, ballerina, chef, construction, cowboy, doctor, fairy, firefighter, magician, ninja, pilot, pirate, princess, rockstar, safari, superhero, and veterinarian.

Each dressing up box will be sent to your home either every month or every 3 months, depending on the subscription you choose. You have two options when you subscribe. For the first one, you select the gender (boy, girl, or neutral) and the company will send you their favorite themes; for the second, you can select the themes you are interested in and put them in the order you want them delivered.

Along with the pretend play toys, your child receives a letter signed by a fictional character, which is a nice way to start their adventures in their make-believe world. The box also comes with a handle so it can be turned into a suitcase for all the items. This can be helpful in teaching children to pack away and care for their things properly.

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What Parents Say About My Pretend Place

My Pretend Place has received a lot of positive reviews from parents. Chris Acree, a mother of three, says in her review on My Subscription Addiction that even her eldest, a girl of 8, loves their Chef theme box. Tom, a father, also wrote on Hello Subscription about how much his son enjoys their Veterinarian pretend play toys.

In all, many parents say that their kids love not just receiving the packages but also playing with the items. They admire the quality of the products and the convenience of having them in one dressing up box over having to shop for the items individually.

If you want to encourage your kids to play pretend, then subscribing to My Pretend Place can be a good way to do it.

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