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There are parents who want to encourage their little kids to read but find that it’s not always an easy task. For one thing, there are so many titles to choose from and more are coming out everyday; for another, it takes time to review books to see which ones are suitable for children of a particular age. This becomes all the more difficult if there are no bookstores nearby and the kids have to tag along. Bookroo takes these obstacles away so parents can focus on reading to and with their children.

What is Bookroo?

Bookroo is a company that aims to help parents build their kids’ book collection. Every month, they deliver a Book Box containing either three board books suited for kids 0 to 2 years old or two picture books for kids 2 to 6 years old. Parents can also choose both packages, with the second at a discounted price, or alternate between the two. Subscriptions are for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

When the package arrives in the mail, the kids get to open what looks like gift-wrapped presents. Inside are the books that have been pre-selected and chosen because they are age-appropriate and enjoyable.

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The review process is done by 12 families with at least one parent taking a graduate degree at Stanford University. The parents and their combined 22 kids (0 to 5 years old) sift through different titles and rank them accordingly. Only the best – the ones most enjoyed by kids and parents alike – make the cut. The process leads to discoveries of great titles that are not widely known.

Why is Bookroo Good for Kids?

Reading is a very important activity for children since it helps build their vocabulary, comprehension, imagination, creativity, and self-confidence, and it is the parents’ job to encourage them to develop a love for books.

With a fresh set of titles each month, delivered by Bookroo right at your doorstep, the process of building your kid’s library becomes easier, more exciting, and more enjoyable. The whole family can look forward to regularly sharing new stories and meeting new characters and revisiting them over and over again.

What Parents Have to Say About Bookroo

Parents who left reviews on Cratejoy have nothing but good things to say about Bookroo. One of the many factors that they appreciate is, it’s a great way to discover new books. They like the fact that the ones they receive are unique – titles that they would otherwise not have found on their own. But the best part seems to be how excited the kids are when they open their “presents” and read right away.

Elementary school librarian Jessica Telesmanich said in one of her posts that her two kids love it when the new books arrive every month. The readers of her reviews agree, although one parent wishes that Bookroo would add books for big kids, too.

Reading is a fun activity that parents and kids can share, and Bookroo’s Book Box makes it even more exciting. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even family friends can also take part by giving it as a gift for the little ones.

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