Free Guide – My First Travel Plan

Children learn a wealth of skills by planning the family vacation.

They learn about researching and geography, they apply math and they practice their communication and negotiation skills.

Let them find cool places to visit, activities that they enjoy to do, manage the budget and plan an itinerary that the whole family would love.

About the Author Tammy Seay

I believe our kids are the key to the future of the world and, as parents, we have a lot of influence while our children are still learning and growing. We set ourselves as our kids’ role models. Consciously and unconsciously, we pass on to them what we know, what we believe, and what we value. This is why partnering with parents in teaching life lessons and soft skills to get kids prepared for the world has become my key purpose in life. I hope that through my experience in teaching communications in university and in NLP training and coaching, I’ll be able to equip you with more tangible methods so that you can be your children’s life teacher, too!

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